Monday, October 14, 2019

You Dirty Rat.

No, this is not the beginning of an old Jimmy Cagney movie.  It is about rats and mice in Chicagoland this time of year.  There are three species of rats and mice that are by far the most prevalent pests in homes and businesses worldwide due to their ability to adapt to the human environment around them.

The truth is, all rodents have a common identifying feature of a pair of incisor teeth in their upper jaw.  They tend to have short legs and a long tail, but a closer look (if you dare) at their body characteristics and habits shows that there are some easily distinguishable features that you can use to identify which pest is invading your property.

Whichever type of rodent it is, one thing is certain…they are not welcome on YOUR property!  Today is the day that you will do something about it.  That something is to call Chicagoland rat and mouse exterminator A Complete Pest Solution.  For all your exterminating needs 12 months a year call A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wrigleyville Halloween Crawl - Chicago’s BIGGEST Halloween Party, Oct 26th

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"Throw on your best costume and join in on all of the frightening fun for this haunted holiday!
WHAT'S INCLUDED: Tickets include Admission & a Free Dinner Buffet, Gift Cards to Use on the Crawl, a Costume Contest, Giveaways & MORE!"

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mouse, Mouse, Everywhere a Mouse.

While there are many rodents that call Chicagoland home, there are only a few that make themselves a nuisance to home and business owners.  However, these are pests that can get inside structures and cause all sorts of problems if they are allowed to build nests and begin multiplying. They can spread disease and cause damage by their constant chewing.

Here are some of them –

1.  Deer mice found mostly in rural areas
2.  Field mice who come indoors when the weather changes
3.  Norway rats that enter homes and feed on larger items such as dog food, etc.

If you have any evidence of a mouse in the house, rest assured that there are more of them lurking about.  Don’t hesitate!  Call A Complete Pest Solution immediately.  They are Chicagoland’s rodent control experts and have been so for decades.  That’s A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.   

Pier Pumpkin Nights, October 2019

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"Explore a variety of pumpkin pop-up installations throughout the Pier and enjoy fabulous fall deals at the first-ever Pier Pumpkin Nights, a month-long seasonal celebration. From jack o’lantern towers to light displays, Chicago’s iconic lakefront destination will be decked out for fall."

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It’s Time for a Visit from your Ant.

For some of us that would be good news, but note the spelling above.  Your mom’s sister may be visiting but so are thousands of ANTS that invade the homes of Chicagoland.  Ant activity indoors may actually decrease in winter, but observing ant swarmers or foragers during the cold weather months may indicate that an ant colony exists somewhere inside your home.

Here are some types that are looking for food and shelter –

1.  Carpenter ants…known to feed on kitchen scraps
2.  The odorous house ant…it is called that because of an unpleasant odor when it’s crushed
3.  Pavement ants…generally slower moving
4.  The Pharaoh ant…found sometimes where there are many people.  They feed on blood!

Ants, ants, and more ants…they will only multiply unless they are stopped immediately.  To do that, call A Complete Pest Solution serving Chicagoland’s pest extermination needs for decades.  Turn to the professionals at A Complete Pest Solution when ants or any other unwanted multi-legged creatures invade your home.  Just call (630) 464-1542.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Don’t Get Cocky…We’re not out of the Woods Yet!

Just because summer is nearly over doesn’t mean that yellow jackets are going away any time soon.  We know that typically, summer is the time when yellow jackets thrive.  Hot weather gives yellow jackets more energy to zip around and search for food.  It is best to steer clear of yellow jackets on a muggy day in Chicagoland.

This is what you may not know.  As the cold weather of winter approaches, it drives yellow jackets into a feeding frenzy.  This can bring them into contact with humans on the last few warm afternoons of fall.  It can also cause them to explore holes in door and window screens.  It is imperative to protect your home and your family against this!

To help you with that endeavor, there is yellow jacket exterminator A Complete Pest Solution.  They serve Chicagoland as an eliminator of creatures with more legs than ours…especially the ones that are equipped with wings.  Always keep this phone number handy (630) 464-1542.  And remember one of the Chicago area’s premier pest control companies A Complete Pest Solution.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Septemberfest Parade, Sept 2nd

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Our camo/military themed entry will feature an Army truck!
Septemberfest Parade - Monday, September 2, 2019