Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Is Year Round Pest Control a Thing in Chicagoland.

You bet it is…or at least it should be!  If you own a home in the Chicago Suburbs you should be aware that Winter pest control is part of an ongoing pest plan that controls pests that are active in your home all winter and gets a head start on controlling multi-legged creatures come springtime.  Bugs are not birds…they don’t fly south for the winter.

Cold temperatures slow down bugs, that’s for sure.  If it gets too cold, they can die which drives them indoors especially if that place is inside the walls of your home.  The combination of cold weather and reduced resources is a one-two punch that keeps bugs mostly immobile through Chicagoland winters.  That is, of course, assuming they don’t find a nice warm place with food resources, like your kitchen!

Let’s face it, we hear from people mostly when the bugs have already arisen and are wreaking havoc on your home.  Let’s make a plan now to keep your home free of pests 12 months a year.  Call us at Complete Pest Solution serving the pest control needs of Chicagoland for decades.  That phone number is (630) 464-1542.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Your Business Plan Needs to Include Pest Control.

You should have 2020 vision when developing a business plan for the upcoming year.  One of the items that must be addressed is pest control.  If you own a business in Chicagoland just a few pests could change the way your customers (and employees) feel about you forever!  There is nothing to be gained by being penny wise and pound foolish.

Here are some things to ask your pest control company before you hire them –

1.  Identify your potentially worst pests.
2.  Obtain references.
3.  Ask the company to inspect your site.
4.  Review the solutions that they recommend.
5.  Have someone review the contract.

When all is said and done may we recommend a phone call to A Complete Pest Solution?  You can start by visiting them on the web at  Then give them a call at (630) 464-1542 and set the ball in motion while it is the dead of winter.  You’ll be glad you called one of Chicagoland’s best.  That’s A Complete Pest Solution.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

What Makes a Pest Control Business?

Let’s start by talking about what it takes to start a pest control business.  It is estimated that it takes between 10,000 and 50,000 dollars just to ramp up.  Of course, states require those who operate pest control businesses to be properly licensed.  Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but typically involve a training course in addition to an evaluation.

What about the tools of the trade?  Here may be some of them -

1.  Sprayers
2.  Fogging equipment
3.  Bee suits
4.  Work gloves
5.  A myriad of safety equipment

Add the necessary insurance and you MAY have a chance to succeed!  The real success of Chicagoland’s pest control team at A Complete Pest Solution comes from many years of hard work and dozens upon dozens of satisfied customers.  From our family at A Complete Pest Solution to yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

MMM…Chomp, Chomp, Chomp.

That is what termites may be doing in your Chicagoland home over the next several months.  Most homeowners are conscious of termite activity during the warmer seasons, but they may not be as aware of a termite infestation in the winter months.  During cold weather, homeowners are not as active outside, so they could miss signs of termites in winter months.

Do termites die in the winter?  The answer is an emphatic NO!  If a Chicagoland homeowner is not seeing any outward signs of termite activity in the winter, it does not mean that the termites are dead.  What happens to termites in winter depends on two factors…the species of the termites and the location of the colony.

Termites may be less active in colder periods, but it pays to be on the lookout for these destructive insects all year-round.  If you suspect you may have termites in your home, immediately call A Complete Pest Solution.  Just as the name implies, they are the solution to all of your pest problems.  Call them today at (630) 464-1542.

A Holiday One of a Kind Experience

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The 19th annual One of a Kind Holiday Show will return to The Mart from December 5-8 with more than 600 talented artists and makers. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience while browsing and shopping from a variety of categories of handmade work.  

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Business Owners…It’s Time to Make a Plan.

As a responsible business owner in Chicagoland, you plan for the next year about this time.  2020 is less than two months away.  What is your budget?  What goods will you stock?  Who will be involved in your infrastructure?  Have you made plans for pest control?  Yes, pest control can literally shut down your business if you wait for a problem to occur.

As next year rolls by you may experience ants, cockroaches, wasps, mice, and more.  Maybe, as the snow begins to fly you have forgotten about those pesky creatures.  A mouse or cockroach sighting can not only be traumatic to the first person who sees it, but can actually shut your business down while the problem is corrected!

Do not wait until a pest problem visits your business.  Call Kurt at A Complete Pest Solution and develop a 2020 strategy on how to keep the multi-leg invaders away from your business in the first place.  Call A Complete Pest Solution to develop a pest control plan for next year.  That phone number in Chicagoland is (630) 464-1542.      

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, Nov 28th

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Where Grateful Hearts Gather
Thursday, November 28, 2019
8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CT
State Street, From Congress to Randolph