Monday, December 14, 2015

Peace on Earth - Good Will to All.

This time of year we hope that pests are the last thing on your mind.  Okay, don’t take the easy way out and count little Johnny who comes to your house for Christmas dinner and runs around touching everything.  You know what we mean.  You are gathered together with family and friends and because of good old Chicagoland and its typical harsh winter we are not thinking about bugs and pests.

That time will come, of course.  We all want to get past this bout with cabin fever that is coming up.  What would you rather have…12 months of winter or a change of seasons when you have to combat ants and bees and wasps and mice?

For now, we want you to enjoy the fellowship of family and friends.  From our family at A Complete Pest Solution serving Chicagoland for decades, with the ultimate in pest control year around, to your family this season we wish you a happy and blessed holiday!

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