Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Commercial Pest Control in 2017.

As you plan your business budget for the upcoming year do not forget to include pest control.  You will need to keep the beasts out 12 months a year...no not the difficult customers.  The truth is your business may have problems with bugs, mice, bees, and even birds.  If you own a restaurant your very survival depends on a “clean slate”.

Commercial pest control is different from home protection in that it is vitally important to keep the area bug free ALL of the time.  You can’t explain to a freaked out diner why she just saw a mouse run across the floor.  If you have a professional troubleshoot the potential problem on a monthly basis you will not have to do damage control later.

Never let a customer see a rodent or bug in your Chicagoland business.  Call a professional in December to help avoid that fate.  The right man for the job is Kurt Spurgeon, the owner of A Complete Pest Solution.  He is your Chicagoland year round commercial pest control expert.  Call Kurt before your business becomes a 2017 hangout for unwanted pests at (630) 464-1542.  


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