Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Environmentally Safe Pest Control.

These days we hear about “going green”.  It has never been more important to be sure that when you hire a service that it is provided with the environment in mind.  Pest control is a perfect example of that.  In the old days spraying was done without much, if any, concern about its effect on the people and the animals around the area.

It is quite different these days.  Whether you own a home or a business large or small the mission is the same…get rid of the multi-legged pests while protecting loved ones and employees.  This time of year with Chicagoland coming out of its first deep freeze of the winter that may not be on your mind, but you should plan for preventative pest control in 2017.

Did you think that because we just endured below zero temperatures that all the creepy crawlers would never come back when the spring warm-up begins?  You know better than that.  Now, when things are relatively quiet, is a perfect time to call Kurt at A Complete Pest Solution.  Put a pest control plan together now for your home or office in Chicagoland by calling (630) 464-1542.

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