Thursday, June 1, 2017

Get that Wasp!

This may have been an old “hippie” phrase from the 1960’s.  What we mean by it in Chicagoland is that when these winged creatures invade your property they need to be eradicated.  Some see wasps as a benefit to the environment, but make no mistake about it, they are predatory flying pests.

There are generally two types of wasps…the solitary and the social.  The social variety congregate in large numbers.  The queens have been hibernating during the cold-weather months.  They are much more hot-tempered than bees and should be treated accordingly.  There is a specific time of day when a wasp nest should be eliminated.

A professional exterminator knows the time, the process, and what equipment to use to eliminate these potentially dangerous insects that can hurt or even kill your pets as well as your family.  In the Chicago area the right answer is always A Complete Pest Solution.  They are Chicagoland’s wasp control professionals.  Call Kurt and his crew today at (630) 464-1542.

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