Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dangerous Stings from Bees and Wasps.

Maybe we don’t take it as seriously as we should, but bee and wasp stings can be dangerous and even deadly to our family and our pets.  Here is a statistic that may get your attention…more Americans die each year from reactions to bee and wasp stings than from snake bites!  Yet most of us fear snakes so much more.

Perhaps we are fascinated by the bright colors of hornets and yellow jackets.  The truth is, they do little to pollinate the landscape, but their angry or even accidental sting could be life-threatening.  The delicate balance is to remove these creatures while protecting the bee population that IS essential to our future food supply.

That job belongs to A Complete Pest Solution.  For decades now, they have been Chicagoland’s hornet and yellow jacket removal experts.  Please visit their supplemental website  After a quick perusal you will see that this is the right solution for your property.  Call A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.

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