Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Insects of Illinois.

Here at the end of winter (optimistic thinking) it is a good time to revisit some of the “buggies” that will be making their presence known in Chicagoland come Spring.  How many different insects do you think are listed in the database for the state of Illinois?  How about OVER 600?  That’s right, and we know them all!

There are, for example, sphinx moths, sweat bees, the ambush bug, and don’t forget the good old American cockroach and the domestic bumble bee who will be visiting before you know it.  These few examples along with some of the other hundreds could be buzzing around your home or office in the year 2019.

If any of them do, please call us.  We are A Complete Pest Solution.  We have been eliminating insects from Chicagoland homes and offices for many, many years.  They are sure to be here sooner than later, and we want you to know we will be a phone call away if you need us to exterminate them.  Call us at A Complete Pest Solution (630) 464-1542. 

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