Friday, July 25, 2014

An Actual Complete Solution

A Complete Pest Solution is just that. Complete. What do we mean by that?

Complete: Thorough, finished, accomplished, done, ready, whole.

We do just that. We don't just rid you home or business of unwanted and destructive pests, we use complete and effective yet non harmful means. In short, we eliminate pests without destroying the environment. Too often, a pest solution is harmful gasses sprayed by a suspicious looking guy who goes under your house and reemerges in a different mental state. Those would be the adverse effects of harmful chemicals used in closed quarters. Not bright. Not safe. It also causes harm to plant life and even humans.

That's why A Complete Pest Solution is mindful of not leaving a carbon foot print. We can eliminate all unwanted pests without threading the ecosystem around it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Rains Bring Unwanted Pests

Ahh Summer Rains. A seemingly nice break from the heat and humidity. It's also a great time for pests to make their way indoors.

Summer rains and summer heat both cause pests to seek refuge in dry, cool places such as your home or business. Bees, wasps, termites and ants don't ring the doorbell. 

They break in and bring many of their friends and family and plan on staying indefinitely. Lucky for you, we have a solution... 

A Complete Pest Solution ! Call us today if bugs are bugging you. (630)464-1542 or visit our website below!

Summer rains can drive pests indoors. We'll drive them right out! There is no safe haven for pests when A Complete Pest Solution is on the clock. Bugs, beware!