Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Chicago Labor Day Weekend 2018

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"Labor Day may mark the unofficial end of summer, but it certainly doesn’t mean the end of summer fun!"


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Annual Paper Wasp Invasion.

That does not sound too scary…does it?  We know that a “paper tiger” is harmless, but not so much a paper wasp.  So, what is it anyway?  They are unsightly and WILL sting, believe me!  Their nests are found in overhangs and sheds throughout Chicagoland.  They are so-named because these nests are made of a gray paper-like material.

Paper wasps are considered beneficial because they assist in pollination and they control pest insect populations by feeding them to their larvae.  In spite of their ecological benefits, paper wasp nests should not be permitted to develop in or near your home.  Stings from paper wasps are extremely painful and may produce serious reactions to people who are allergic to the venom.

Fight back against a paper wasp invasion of your property.  Call the pros at A Complete Pest Solution.  And, for more information on the elimination of this and other summertime pests in our area visit  Kurt and his team are at the ready to control the bee and wasp populations around your home.  Call today at (630) 464-1542.

Glenn Ellyn School District 41 Calendar, 2018-2019

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School is almost back in session and there are some dates that should be marked on your calendar.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Beware the Bald Faced Hornet.

It even sounds scary doesn’t it?  No one wants to get close enough to see its face anyway, but know this…it is possibly the most dangerous of all wasp breeds that annually invade Chicagoland.  The sting is exceptionally painful and in some of our Northern Illinois residents it can be a very serious health hazard!

So, what do they look like?  They are black and white striped.  What about their nest?  It looks like a large, ominous teardrop.  Where do you find the nest?  Look for it under the eaves of your home or, perhaps hanging from a tree.  It probably goes without saying but, for heaven’s sake DO NOT approach the nest!

At the first sign of this dangerous winged adversary please call us.  We are A Complete Pest Solution serving all of Chicagoland in the elimination of wasps and bees from your property.  Please visit for more details on a variety of winged summer invaders.  Give us a call for fast, guaranteed service at (630) 464-1542.

Aug 4th! One Saturday to Dream Fearlessly - Chicago Back to School Event

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"Together, for One Saturday, we’re partnering with the Chicago Police Department and other fellow community organizations to share free school supplies, uniforms, and haircuts to help kids head back to the classroom with confidence. Bring the entire family to join in the fun – and be sure to invite your friends/family!"