Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rats in My Neighborhood…Really?

We usually think about rats as city pests. We picture them running in dark city alleys to reach their nests in broken foundations or they may be scurrying into burrows under dumpsters behind seedy restaurants.  Suburbia beware!  Rats have found their way out to us as well in Suburban Chicagoland.

Here is how suburban rats occur –

1.  Strip malls nearby with food courts
2.  A neighbor who has a lot of debris on their property
3.  Large numbers of dogs being boarded somewhere close
4.  Overflowing garbage
5.  Bird feeders

Rats are not exclusively urban dwellers anymore.  Just like you, they have found their way out to the ‘Burbs.  When you have a rat problem anywhere around Suburban Chicagoland the very first thing to do is call professional rat exterminator A Complete Pest Solution.  They will eliminate those dirty rats from your property.  That phone number is (630) 464-1542.

Haunted Houses in Chicago, Illinois area for 2018

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Field Mouse 101.

We don’t think that you will see this on the curriculum at Northwestern University.  Living in suburban Chicagoland has its perks.  There are many wide-open spaces with fields nearby.  Unfortunately, the countryside is a haven for field mice as well.  These are not house mice and differ in appearance and behavior.

Know your enemy!  Here are some tips to help rid your household of field mice –

1.  Set traps in appropriate and safe places.
2.  Seal up all entryways.
3.  In the end, hire a professional exterminator.

As to that last point, a field mouse’s worst nightmare (if they have them) in Chicagoland is A Complete Pest Solution.  They have provided safe and affordable field mouse, house mouse, and overall rodent control to Suburban Chicagoland for many years.  If you hear a squeak, don’t say EEEK!  Call A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.