Thursday, November 21, 2019

Business Owners…It’s Time to Make a Plan.

As a responsible business owner in Chicagoland, you plan for the next year about this time.  2020 is less than two months away.  What is your budget?  What goods will you stock?  Who will be involved in your infrastructure?  Have you made plans for pest control?  Yes, pest control can literally shut down your business if you wait for a problem to occur.

As next year rolls by you may experience ants, cockroaches, wasps, mice, and more.  Maybe, as the snow begins to fly you have forgotten about those pesky creatures.  A mouse or cockroach sighting can not only be traumatic to the first person who sees it, but can actually shut your business down while the problem is corrected!

Do not wait until a pest problem visits your business.  Call Kurt at A Complete Pest Solution and develop a 2020 strategy on how to keep the multi-leg invaders away from your business in the first place.  Call A Complete Pest Solution to develop a pest control plan for next year.  That phone number in Chicagoland is (630) 464-1542.      

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, Nov 28th

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Where Grateful Hearts Gather
Thursday, November 28, 2019
8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CT
State Street, From Congress to Randolph

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Soon there will be Snow on the Roof.

If you live long enough that will usually be the case.  No, we mean actual snow on your suburban Chicago roof!  Did you think that with winter comes six worry-free months from pests?  You should know better, but in case you have forgotten which pests take refuge in your warm, comfortable home in the winter here is just a partial list.

1.   House mice nesting in dark, warm places around your home
2.  Norway rats commonly nesting in basements
3.  The German cockroach which is the most common in the world
4.  Brown recluse spiders…they can actually be dangerous to humans and pets
5.  Raccoons often entering homes through chimneys

The ants and the bees and the wasps may take the season off, but you are not safe from the critters listed above.  At the first sign of these or any other unwanted pests call A Complete Pest Solution.  They work twelve months a year just like those invaders.  In Chicagoland always remember this number (630) 464-1542 A Complete Pest Solution.

Veterans Day Celebration at Brookfield Zoo

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The Chicago Zoological Society invites the public to honor the men and women who have served our nation for a Veterans Day Celebration on November 11th at 11:00am.