Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Summer’s coming and so are the bees.

Know this, Chicagoland has become a veritable sanctuary for bees.  While human “worker bees” buzz about in offices below, the rooftops of some Chicago commercial buildings are becoming hubs of activity in their own right.  The word is…bees have been dying off in unusually high numbers over the past decade.  We’ve all heard it.

One word…anaphylaxis!  Bee poisoning refers to a serious body reaction to the venom from a bee sting.  We don’t mean to be alarmist.  Most bee stings don’t cause a serious reaction. However, if you’re allergic to bee stings you may experience a severe reaction such as poisoning.  Bee poisoning requires immediate medical attention.

All of this is to say that by now you probably know what a bee sting could mean to you or your loved ones.  To prevent or remove bees on your Chicagoland residential or commercial property there is one best place to turn.  That is Chicagoland bee removal expert A Complete Pest Solution.  Give Kurt and his crew a call at (630) 464-1542.