Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer is Coming, Are You Ready?

Spring has sprung and summer is afoot. With summer comes our busiest time of the year. The summer months bring with it locusts, bees, wasps, etc. All destructive pests with the worst of intentions. They plan a full on assault on your home and will not rest until they breach your complex. 
What can you do do prepare for the invasion?

You can call us. A Complete Pest Solution. We are quipped to take on an invading army of pests and destroy them. We will not only rid your home or business of the unwanted intruders but we will ensure they don't return. That's A Complete Pest Solution.

Summer rains and summer heat both cause pests to seek refuge in dry, cool places such as your home or business. Bees, wasps, termites and ants don't ring the doorbell. They break in and bring many of their friends and family and plan on staying indefinitely. Lucky for you, we have a solution... A Complete Pest Solution !

 Call us today if bugs are bugging you. (630)464-1542 or visit our website

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