Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Indoor Pests Hang Out In Your Home in the Winter.

In February many houseplants might show signs of stress caused by light deprivation, overwatering, insufficient humidity, and overheated indoor air. Stressed plants are more likely to develop insect and disease problems, so monitor your plants for early signs of trouble. New houseplants or gift plants may also harbor pests, and these plants should be isolated before joining other plants in your indoor garden. Pests to look out for include:

Fungus gnats — The adult black gnats fly around the plant but do no damage. The immature larvae in the moist soil can chew plant roots. They are often a problem in overwatered plants or overly moist flats of seedlings.

Moth Flies- These flies look like 1/4 inch long black moths and are found in areas near floor drains.  Often in basements, commercial bathrooms, utility rooms etc. that have floor drains.  They breed in the detritus at the water line in the drain and emerge when the drain gets dry.  These are eliminated by drain treatments.

All of this reminds us that soon you will need pest control in your Chicagoland home.  A Complete Pest Solution serving the western suburbs of Chicago will be there when you need them.  Call them to arrange for pest control in 2015 at (630) 464-1542. Get a jump on the critter invasion this year.

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