Monday, November 2, 2015

Pest Control Year Around.

Do you think that just because winter is about to set in that all of those pests who inhabit Chicagoland have disappeared forever?  They are not migratory birds, so they take refuge where there is warmth and safety.  Now you might not notice a lot of rodent or insect activity, but just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean we should surrender our homes to them.

For instance, tree branches often provide the perfect entranceway to the upper level of your abode.  Chop away any branches that may be a pathway into your house.  And remember to cover chimneys and stove pipes with screens to prevent an unwanted home invasion.

Regardless of the extra precautions, there may be a need for a quality control solution to your wintertime pest problem.  That solution is A Complete Pest Solution.  For years we have been protecting homes and businesses in Chicagoland from unwanted rodents and insects.  Call A Complete Pest Solution anytime in ANY season at (630) 464-1542.

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