Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Let’s Examine Bed Bugs in Chicagoland.

It’s that ubiquitous pest Cimex Lectularius.  We know it better as the common bed bug.  This gross insect is omnipresent in Chicagoland.  Year in and year out Chicago has been named one of the top cities in America for bed bug infestation.  What can we do to prevent and deal with Hannibal Lectalarius?

Bed bugs can live up to a year with one single feeding of human blood!  They hide everywhere such as cracks, crevices, clothing, furniture, or anywhere else that it is hard to see.  Fully grown bed bugs are about the same size as an apple seed, so you will know when you lay your eyes on one.  Be especially aware of used furniture.  Save up for something knew and try to avoid someone else’s problem.

If you see a bedbug you can be sure there are hundreds more nearby.  You need to make one important call.  Chicago beg bug control experts A Complete Pest Solution will eliminate these nasty pests every day of the year.  Get to know the best exterminator for all of your pest prevention needs.  Give A Complete Pest Solution a call at (630) 464-1542.

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