Thursday, June 2, 2016

Protecting Yourself from Bees.

Here is the conundrum…bees are an important part of our agricultural system, but can also be dangerous pests.  Thousands of people in Chicagoland are allergic to bee stings.  You not only have to be careful from a health standpoint, but it just plain hurts a lot to be stung by your average bee.  So it is important to make the right decision in eradicating bees from your home or business.

Bee removal is a delicate process that requires a professional touch.  Most of us can’t tell a carpenter bee from a bumble bee, but getting rid of them requires a different approach.  Bumble bees are ruled by the Queen (Just like in your household!)  Carpenter bees do not have the same social system and are not as vital ecologically as their cousins the bumble bees.

Knowing how to eliminate either from your environment is NOT your job.  You don’t just go out and buy a can of spray and call it a day.  You call the bee and wasp control experts of Chicagoland - A Complete Pest Solution.  Let Kurt get stung, not you and your kids!  Call A Complete Pest Solution today to control that bee problem at (630) 464-1542.

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