Monday, July 18, 2016

What Forms a Wasp Nest?

It is really too bad that these creatures are so dangerous.  There homes are quite fascinating.  A wasp nest is an amazing piece of engineering.  The queen of the hive begins building a nest completely from scratch.  The nest will grow at a variable rate.  How much food she and her “workers” have available to them will affect the growth of their future home and your future nemesis.

Wasps do not swarm the way honey bees do.  They only swarm around the nest location when they fear that the nest is under attack.  When they find a food source they will return to the nest to “report” the location of the food.  As food sources run low wasps will turn to humans to find new ways of obtaining food from them which makes them a threat to our safety.
Before this happens head them off at the pass.  When a wasp nest forms on your property call Kurt.  Kurt Spurgeon at A Complete Pest Solution is your Chicagoland Bee and Wasp Elimination Expert.  You can count on his decades of expertise to eliminate your summertime infestation problem whether it is one-time or ongoing.  Give him a call today at (630) 464-1542.

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