Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What’s Up with All of Those Spiders.

In the computer age we have been given a different definition of spiders.  When they visit your home you are reminded of the real 8-legged creature.  You find them in your home, in your car, at your desk…everywhere!  You see, in the fall the females are full of eggs.  They look bigger and move slower so they are easier to spot.

So, what should be done about spiders in our castle?  The first thing is keep it clean…no food crumbs and no pet food sitting in a dish all day.  The spiders feed off of the flies, mites, and cockroaches that are attracted to that food.  Spiders will come to where the treats are and their treats are those flying and crawling creatures.

Now that spiders have had “their mail forwarded” to your residence it is time to fight back!  You need to call Kurt and his team at A Complete Pest Solution.  They are Chicagoland’s spider elimination and control experts.  Hardly anyone thinks spiders are cute so get rid of them once and for all by calling A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.

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