Monday, July 2, 2018

Bee and Wasp Watch.

They may be enjoyable to watch on a Nat Geo special, but when they invade your space you need to take action!  It is imperative to protect your family from bee and wasp stings.  While this is done it is also vitally important to protect those invaluable pollinators from being killed in the process.  The world still REALLY needs them.

Did you know that annually more Americans are killed by bee and wasp stings than by snakes?  A major difference between bees and wasps as well as hornets is that hornets and yellow jackets as well as other wasps are responsible for very little pollination, but their stings are definitely potentially life-threatening.

For more information about their elimination from your property please visit  We are A Complete Pest Solution protecting the populace of Chicagoland against those threatening stings.  We really DO have the solution to your pest control problems.  Please call us whenever we can be of service at (630) 464-1542.

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