Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Welcome to Chicagoland.

We are a melting pot for people who come here from all points around the globe be it to live here or just to visit this summer.  One visitor we can live without is the wasp.  It is okay to dislike them because wasps are not domesticated; humans typically don’t work with wasps like they do honeybees and other stingless bees.

Wasps can be more hot-tempered than bees, they are to be treated with caution.  If you’re trying to eliminate nuisance wasps who have attached themselves to your home or near an entryway, it is best done at sunset or very early in the morning.  Wasps found inside the house may indicate a nest is living in the chimney or attic.

Wasps are unwelcome guests…especially on YOUR property!  A Complete Pest Solution wants to help you with your wasp problem in Chicagoland.  For more information about the types of bees and wasps that they will eliminate from your property. Visit on the web then call (630) 464-1542.

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