Monday, October 14, 2019

You Dirty Rat.

No, this is not the beginning of an old Jimmy Cagney movie.  It is about rats and mice in Chicagoland this time of year.  There are three species of rats and mice that are by far the most prevalent pests in homes and businesses worldwide due to their ability to adapt to the human environment around them.

The truth is, all rodents have a common identifying feature of a pair of incisor teeth in their upper jaw.  They tend to have short legs and a long tail, but a closer look (if you dare) at their body characteristics and habits shows that there are some easily distinguishable features that you can use to identify which pest is invading your property.

Whichever type of rodent it is, one thing is certain…they are not welcome on YOUR property!  Today is the day that you will do something about it.  That something is to call Chicagoland rat and mouse exterminator A Complete Pest Solution.  For all your exterminating needs 12 months a year call A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.

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