Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mice are Rarely Nice.

Especially when you find them in your home in the dead of winter, they are NOT!  During the winter months, the last thing you probably think to worry about is mice.  A rodent or mouse infestation is probably way down on the list.  However, the fact is, during this cooler and less hospitable time of the year, mice and rodents can become a real problem.

Mice are just like other animals. They simply want to stay warm. They are looking for easy access to food and they want to find a place where they can hide away and be safe from predators…especially humans.  This means rodents like mice will do what they can to enter your home or building.

Whether it is a family dwelling or a commercial building in Chicagoland, mice are always unwelcomed guests at any time of the year.  Be diligent in all seasons and protect your environment from a mouse infestation by calling A Complete Pest Solution.  They are THE solution to any pest problems in Chicagoland.  Just call (630) 464-1542.

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