Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Different Types of Mice

Earlier this month we addressed the reappearance of the mouse in and around your home as the temperatures begin to drop.  Now let’s get to know three types of mice that you may see and want to eliminate from your home.

The Field Mouse or Deer Mouse.  Field mice rarely venture into inhabited buildings but in the winter months, they will enter sheds and other backyard structures where food may be stored.  Field mice may be a big threat to businesses who are engaged in agriculture. 

The House Mouse.  These little devils are active the year around, but you can be sure they will be seeking safe harbor in the winter months to come.  They usually live on the ground, but may climb and they love to eat grains and cereals.

The White-Footed Mouse.  These are not as common in Illinois, but look for a mouse with white feet and a belly to match.  They are about 4 inches long.

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