Monday, October 3, 2016

Don’t Share Your House with a Mouse.

Words to live by in Chicagoland I should say!  House mice are very easy to identify, not always so easy to eradicate.  In case you have just moved to the area or have tried to forget over the last year, house mice are gray or brown and between five and eight inches (including their nasty tails).  They weigh less than an ounce so, obviously they are NOT rats.

Here is the real problem…they breed like well, mice!  In the course of a year one female critter is capable of having 50 offspring or more.  You won’t have any trouble noting if you have a mouse infestation.  Look for droppings or finely shredded material that they use to build their nests.  Listen for sounds in the walls, especially at night as they are nocturnal.

At the very first sign of any rodent occupation of your home or business you need an expert to eliminate them.   The first and only call you will need to make is to A Complete Pest Solution.  Kurt will find the source and eliminate rats and mice where they enter your home.  Call your Chicagoland rodent removal experts A Complete Pest Solution at (630) 464-1542.  No mouse in this house!

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