Thursday, November 2, 2017

For Mice it isn’t Over until it’s Over.

Just because the weather is changing you can’t relax because the bugs are hibernating.  As the temperatures get cooler and cooler those nasty rodents will head for shelter.  Did you know that National Rodent Awareness Week is coming up later this month?  You may not have even known that there was one, but there is!

Here are the signs of mice in the building –

1.  Droppings.  They have to go somewhere.
2.  Noises.  There is nothing more annoying than that squeak…or the sound of little feet.
3.  Gnaw Marks.  These guys will chew on anything.
4.  Burrows.  They will make nests with whatever is available.
5.  Damaged Food Packages.  They don’t have opposable thumbs to open them!

You know the problem.  Now, what is the solution?  As always it lies with Chicagoland’s rodent control professionals.  They are A Complete Pest Solution.  Just like every other Autumn for decades the right answer to a mouse invasion is A Complete Pest Solution.  Give them a call anytime at (630) 464-1542.

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