Thursday, March 1, 2018

If you were a Bee what Bee would you Be?

Have you ever wondered where bees go in the winter?  I know, we just spent months getting over the weather, but the bees did not disappear forever.  That is a good thing for the future of our planet, but maybe not so great for your property when the weather gets warmer.  Guaranteed…if you have had a bee problem in the past you can expect one in the future.

Like every other creature on earth, bees have their own unique way of coping with cold temperatures during the winter season.  Bees are not birds.  They don’t fly south, they hibernate and store copious amounts of their favorite sustenance honey.  Their sole job is to watch over the welfare of their queen.  They were Game of Thrones long before that show existed!

The bees WILL return.  You can count on it.  When they do, we invite you to visit  On this website you will get a nice overview of what does and does not cause problems.  This is the website of Kurt at A Complete Pest Solution Chicagoland’s wasp and bee control experts.  Give them a call at (630) 464-1542.

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