Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Your Business Plan Needs to Include Pest Control.

You should have 2020 vision when developing a business plan for the upcoming year.  One of the items that must be addressed is pest control.  If you own a business in Chicagoland just a few pests could change the way your customers (and employees) feel about you forever!  There is nothing to be gained by being penny wise and pound foolish.

Here are some things to ask your pest control company before you hire them –

1.  Identify your potentially worst pests.
2.  Obtain references.
3.  Ask the company to inspect your site.
4.  Review the solutions that they recommend.
5.  Have someone review the contract.

When all is said and done may we recommend a phone call to A Complete Pest Solution?  You can start by visiting them on the web at acompletepestsolution.com.  Then give them a call at (630) 464-1542 and set the ball in motion while it is the dead of winter.  You’ll be glad you called one of Chicagoland’s best.  That’s A Complete Pest Solution.

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