Monday, June 11, 2018

Look…They are Wearing Yellow Jackets!

You would think that someone or something wearing a yellow jacket is there to help.  That is not the case with the annual warm-weather invaders with wings.  Please understand that yellow Jackets are small, compact wasps that are commonly mistaken for bees.  They tend to nest in walls, in attics, in sub area crawlspaces, in the ground, in trees, and under eaves.

Here is a note of caution…all over the counter sprays for yellow jacket control are highly repellent; so all they do is make the wasps very agitated.  Your chance of being stung goes up exponentially if you try to eradicate them by yourself.  Don’t try to be a hero!  Call a professional exterminator immediately.

We hope that by publishing this warning in early May you will be prepared.  Chicagoland’s yellow jacket exterminator pros are a phone call away.  They are A Complete Pest Solution proudly serving the Western Suburbs and beyond.  The first time you see one of these winged invaders please call (630) 464-1542.

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