Friday, June 15, 2018

Pest Review.

It’s nice to know who the multi-legged enemy may be this summer whether you have seen any yet or not.  Specific regions like Chicagoland are prone to a specific group of pests.  It is good to be educated as to the types that we might see here throughout the remainder of 2018.  Which ones are we most likely to encounter in the upper-Midwest?

Here are some of the most common –

1.  Ants…billions and billions of them all over the place.
2.  Spiders…a friend of man until they occupy your home.
3.  Bed bugs…they spread quickly and bite humans.
4.  Cockroaches…hiding out in dark places around your house.

There are many more, of course and they must be dealt with…or lived with.  The latter is NOT acceptable!  At the first sign of any unwanted critter you should know exactly what to do.  Call one of Chicagoland’s top exterminators.  That’s A Complete Pest Solution serving the suburbs of America’s second city for decades.  Keep this number handy (630) 464-1542.

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