Thursday, December 6, 2018

Making a Pest Control Plan.

You plan your expenses and project your income this time of year.  Did you factor in pest control, or did you think that those critters and winged warriors would stay away in 2019?  Of course, you know better than that!  What you could do is just wait for the invasion…or plan to fight it head-on with preventative maintenance.

Many, many Americans have year-round service for pest control.  Those in Chicagoland shouldn’t be surprised to know that homes in the north are hit harder by winter invading pests than those in the south.  Pests’ number one instinct is survival and they’ll do just about anything to find a place to overwinter and live to see another day.

If this makes sense to you, why not call Chicagoland’s leader in year-round pest control.  That name is A Complete Pest Solution located in Glendale Hts.  They travel throughout the Chicago area and would love to help keep your business or home pest free in 2019 and beyond.  Find out how practical a yearly pest control program is by calling (630) 464-1542.

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